Thrilling and exotic laptop lifestyle

Thrilling and exotic laptop lifestyle

Thrilling and exotic laptop lifestyle

By Melissa Williams-Pope

Today I’m living the thrilling and exotic laptop lifestyle.

For I’m coming to you live from . . . my local library. ūüėČ

I wish I could say it was for a change of scenery . . .

But really, the internet in our neighbourhood went down and I had to seek wifi elsewhere.

Sooooo I packed it all up (including my comfy pink stripey socks) and headed out.

I wasn’t going to let this disruption come between us!

Now I¬†could’ve¬†put this into what New Zealanders here call the “Too Hard Basket.”

I¬†could’ve¬†thrown up my hands and turned on Netflix.

Scratch that – no internet!

Ok, I¬†could’ve¬†said, “Oh, well. Guess it wasn’t meant to be today!” and grabbed the current YA fantasy novel I’m totally into right now . . .

(It’s a retelling of The Nutcracker.)

And while setting up camp at the local library is an easy workaround, sometimes the obstacles aren’t so surmountable.

Especially when you’re feeling like you’re desperate for some clarity and direction, but you’re spinning around in circles.

How can you possibly move forward then?

Or when you know what you SHOULD do. Even what you WANT to do . . .

But for some reason, you just¬†aren’t. Or¬†you just¬†can’t.

And you don’t know why.

But one thing you DO know . . .

You can’t keep going on like this.

Talking it over and over with your friends, your sister, your mom, your man . . .

While it gives you that temporary (albeit counterfeit) feeling that you’re getting somewhere, deep down you’re starting to see it for what it is.

Plus, you’re still no closer to the business you want. Nor the life that you want.

And so you decide. Every day.

Do something different?

Or keep it all in the “Too Hard Basket”?

If today is the day you find your courage and decide to stop spinning . . .

Then it’s time to bite the bullet¬†and get support.

And if your most pressing obstacles are time and finances . . .

I’ve made it SO easy for you to say YES to this invitation.

Unlimited private laser coaching (solves the time issue Рeveryone can prioritize themselves for a 15-minute slot, even with a packed schedule).

(Not sure how powerful laser coaching sessions can be? I’ve included recordings of two REAL sessions on the webpage so you can experience firsthand!)

A no-brainerly affordable investment (solves the finances issue – and now there’s a 2-part installment offer to make it even easier for you!).

**But you should know that the price DOUBLES on Friday at midnight EST – though even at the new rate, it’s still a steal!

And unlimited means UNLIMITED. As in, we can literally have a laser session together every day if you’re motivated to complete the previous session’s action steps right away.

How EXCITING would it be to know that Monday will be the start of some pretty MAGICAL things for you?

That’s why I’d LOVE for you to join me for my private¬†Align and Shine Four-Month Unlimited Coaching program.

It’s almost like having a coach-on-call and my current clients are LOVING the momentum and breakthroughs they’re already having after just a few weeks . . .

Not to mention getting Divine guidance and insights along the way as I tap into my prophetic gifting for you.

Will you say YES to all of this? To yourself?

I hope you will!

  1. Like I mentioned, please don’t wait because my¬†Align and Shine Four-Month Unlimited Coaching program¬†price DOUBLES on Friday.

Seriously, I know how it feels to wait and wait and wait (for what, I’m not sure) and miss an offer I wanted, only to end up investing a lot more later one (and wishing I’d jumped when I was feeling led). If this is calling to you, learn from my experience and don’t wait – ha! ūüėČ

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