I’m noticing a trend lately . . .

And honestly, it BUGS me!

Let me set the scene . . .

Someone sends an email, offering a program.

It looks great and the investment is doable.

As in, and I quote: “It’s all available to you RIGHT NOW for $xxx.”

You’re super interested. 

And you click to the sales page . . .

Only to discover that the “doable investment,” is ACTUALLY just the first payment.


(If only she’d been upfront, we still might’ve been interested!)

Or you open another email. Another offer.

Yet this time, it’s a “free gift.” 

Just go to “this page” to claim it . . .

Only to find out that, sure, it’s a free gift. AFTER you sign up for the program they made no mention of in the email.

Not ok, people!

Have we become so desperate and fear-filled that we have to resort to these types of tactics just to get a click?

Desperation and fear can cause us to do some crazy things. Like trick people and hope they get that it’s “just business,” or “what everyone’s doing these days.”


Let’s be operating out of LOVE and FAITH. Love that values our communities (and their intelligence!). Faith that we don’t have to stoop to shady tactics to get people interested.

Mm-kay? 😉

Rant over – ha!

In other news . . .

I just received my Cheryl Richardson Radical Self-Care flashcards and the one that I drew for you today is PERFECTLY aligned with the Facebook Live I did on my public page last week!

Synchronicity is so fun!

Here’s the card. On the back it reads:

Step into the Light. Share your gifts and talents with the world.
And here’s the public video below (which got lots of comments and shares) . . .

“Hiding, shrinking, refusing to bloom – whatever you call it – here’s a powerful inspirational Word you need to hear today! 💕 ”  ↓
Are you sensing the Divine message that I’m sensing, ?

It’s TIME to be more visible!

I say more, because I know you are visible – to an extent . . .

But you’re being called to SHINE even more brightly. 

To SHARE even more boldly.

To take a STAND.

I hope you’re inspired to do whatever it takes to step into that even SHINIER version of you.
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