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– Gwen Teske,

Sofie Shares Her Experience . . .

– Sofie Von Marricks,

My breakthroughs with Melissa have been incredible. She has an amazing gift to go so deep with you and provide you safe place that brings your deepest money (and success) fears to the surface. I came to one of our sessions at an income plateau with my business and I was feeling really blah. Within 2 weeks of that session I had booked 3 new clients and tripled my income for the month! I got the momentum I needed to kick my business into high gear, and I know that my emotions around money were what was holding me back . . .

During another session with Melissa I came overwhelmed, confused, and unsure how to move through it all. I felt like a ball of string all tangled. In under an hour we untangled everything. We installed new beliefs, decluttered my mind and life, refocused on what I DO have and put together a new offer than I am excited about and feel totally ALIGNED with.

I left clear on what I needed to delegate, hosted an amazing high-energy training a few days later, and ended up nearly selling out a retreat I’m hosting as a result! Melissa has helped me to see that living in ALIGNMENT and with EASE isn’t just a concept, it’s a real thing, and we mapped out a tangible plan to make it happen that doesn’t require me hustling to the bone.

I went from nearly having a nervous breakdown to feeling cool calm and collected, and MOTIVATED with an actual plan of how I could get through my to-do list. I am forever grateful for being able to work with you, Melissa!

Book Melissa now while you still have the chance!

Sofie Von Marricks, Vancouver

Melissa Williams-Pope is one of the most talented mindset coaches in the world. I’ve been coached by some great coaches over the past 10 years and I have never worked with someone as effective as Melissa. Her work is truly profound. She clearly has done a lot of work herself to be able to empower others to create the type of shifts she facilitates. Melissa is incredibly calm and non-judgmental as she patiently waits for you to rise to a new way of being. It is a very different approach than focusing on what isn’t working in your life or business. Though eliminating blocks is a crucial piece of the mindset puzzle, many people never get beyond that.

Melissa is able to help you rise up and shift to a place of infinite possibility. The things you find out when you stand in the place of infinite possibility are of a profound nature; you find yourself wanting to rise to the occasion. Through the incredible work that Melissa does, she is able to help you create life-changing shifts in a matter of hours. She has a very calming, elegant presence that makes the process really engaging. As much work as I thought I’d done before was nothing compared to having her elevate the focus to being in abundance in a really big way.

Melissa helped me see that my passion for justice (the theme she so artfully pulled out from everything I said) is a good reason for me to tap into everything I’ve been given (talents, skills, education, etc.) to make life better for others while also enjoying the abundance life has to offer. What a neat way to turn injustice into something I feel good about. Every time I even start to worry, I immediately (automatically) shift to focusing on how to make a greater impact on the world.

Within days of the 2-Hour Intensive program, I received offers for collaborative partnerships with several successful business owners which will increase my business exponentially. But more importantly, it has allowed me to get behind the causes I feel strongly about in a more impactful way than I could have previously imagined. If you are lucky enough to work with Melissa, get ready to watch your business and life shift to a whole new level faster than you ever thought possible! I am truly grateful.

Prema S., New England, USA

During my coaching with Melissa, she helped me to realize that I had been putting too much pressure on myself to hit certain goals and I was taking the fun and enjoyment out of running my business. During our coaching together, I committed to being more intentional with my actions, being proud of where I am at in my journey and not putting so much pressure on myself so that I can be more fulfilled and a better coach fro my clients. In the week after our call, I had two women reach out to me to work together in my 1:1 coaching program and I also sold several of my smaller packages, totaling in over $600 in sales. The best part was all of these things happened while I was out enjoying my life and not worrying about how I was going to make everything work. Now I am confident in my ability to make money and still be able to enjoy my life and I have full trust that The Universe is providing as it should and truly enjoying the ride!

I highly recommend working with Melissa! Thank you for helping me to have my breakthrough!

Maura Hughes

Before working with Melissa I was unclear why I was so uncomfortable to even think about money in my business let alone setting an income/revenue goal. Melissa walked me through an amazingly gentle process to help me discover my fear of losing control and hurt was the blockage that I had to me making a revenue goal.She also helped me discover my fear of claiming my greatness.

After working with Melissa, I not only set a revenue goal–but I claimed my greatness!! I am a risk taker who doesn’t need all of the answers to do great things!! I’ve broken down my goal into a daily target and posted it in my office. I am reaching out to universities and organizations to obtain speaking engagements. I also am working on getting my website up and running. I released the need for everything to be perfect before I started and took a risk to trust that my best would be enough. I would highly recommend any business owner who is struggling.

Habibah Sulayman Smith, Philadelphia

Working with Melissa, I was truly blown away. This doesn’t happen easily for me, as I am a life coach and I am too familiar with the coaching process, the types of questions and the results that we are trying to achieve.  However, Melissa took this very self-aware coach into uncharted territory into the root of some of my behavior.  By the end of our session, she had me digging very deeply into my behavior and thought process.

As a result of our time together, I am now looking at my desired outcome when it comes to money from a different approach. I was looking at it one dimensional—paying down debt, however, I was ignoring the other piece which meant my small rewards along the way for doing the things that I do.  Working multiple jobs and not being able to spend money along way was not going to work for me. However, spending money that I didn’t budget for on rewards was sabotaging my paying down debt efforts. I was able to discover where my mindset was standing in the way and she showed me that I didn’t have to choose or settle. I can obtain BOTH of the results that were important to me. She helped me to look at my situation from a balanced approach.

Thank you Melissa for my breakthrough, I am already starting to experience my desired freedom from my own mindset.

Silvia Arvelo, Florida

Melissa has a lovely, caring and positive energy, and is really committed to helping you overcome your blocks in terms of money and abundance. Her enthusiasm and passion about women pursuing and realizing their dreams is contagious, and it sparks that feeling of ‘I can do it!’ in you! In the coaching session, you will feel totally held and supported, as Melissa skillfully takes you deeper, and, in a gentle yet grounded way, guides you into the roots of your difficulties, to release what’s holding you back and make space for the new. I personally felt the shift immediately in my energy, and this carried on, amplified, over the next few days! I highly recommend working with Melissa, if you are ready to let go of unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and patterns in your life, and clear the path to your prosperity and your true desires!

Stella Stathi, London

Before working with Melissa, I was experiencing a lot of self doubt about whether or not I was offering enough to charge the prices that were ideal to me. I wanted to offer every possible thing I could, in order to feel ok with those prices. After working with Melissa, I realize that over giving is a pattern in other aspects of my life too. I changed the way I thought about what I offer in business and in relationships and used some of the skills I learned in our coaching session. I realized that part of my insecurity came from not being true to myself and what I want to offer. I actually reevaluated my niche and decided to follow my passion and coach on sales and clarity, where I feel totally confident. The very next week I felt totally fabulous about my prices and actually I think I’ll be raising them in a few months! I booked a discovery call just days after the session and felt extremely confident with my offering! Melissa, is so easy to connect with and made me feel at ease even while digging deep into these issues. If you are having any limiting beliefs or self doubt, I would urge you to start working with Melissa immediately!

Dia Marie, Florida

Before I started working with Melissa I was frustrated, dissatisfied and in general felt I lacked purpose. It was a real struggle getting through the days because I was often exhausted and disillusioned. I was constantly busy but couldn’t quite see how I fit into the picture of life.

After my first session with Melissa I realised that I had certain core beliefs that stopped me from living the life I was created for. One of those beliefs was that I didn’t deserve to be fulfilled and that my life was about struggle and survival. I realised that I had made choices to stop me living a creative life and expressing myself.

My first love has always been music, singing and song-writing and it was through working with Melissa that I saw I was not using the creative gifts I had been given. I had always wanted to be a recording artist and also write books. Melissa helped me to turn the dreams and ideas inside me into practical manageable steps that I could take.

Each week Melissa and I would agree to some actions that would enable me to take a step nearer to my goals. I became aware of the obstacles that stop me from achieving success and with Melissa’s help I was able to see opportunities and possibilities. What was amazing was that so many of the resources I needed e.g. photographer, fellow musicians etc were already in my life but I just didn’t see them. Melissa had the insight and wisdom to question and challenge me and bring out what had become buried treasure!

I have now decided to pursue music and I am in the process of applying to a college in Florida to study a music course which equips potential recording artists. I am taking piano lessons more frequently and have recorded some songs for an up-coming EP. I am also working with a professional photographer on ideas for an EP cover.

Working with Melissa was life-changing and I totally recommend it for anyone who is at a crossroads in life. I now know what I am meant to be doing and finally see a more fulfilled destiny.

Thanks Melissa, you really are a star!

Delyth Hughes, London

Wow! Our time together was so motivating and inspiring! After my Breakthrough with Melissa, I uncovered more than anticipated, took action and had a major sense of accomplishment and motivation to do more! During our call, I identified what was holding me back in my business, which I thought I was past. Recognizing that it still existed was hard. But, what I gained from that was awareness. The biggest take-a-way from our coaching was that I was able to put that limiting belief to rest by immediately taking action against my fear. I created a company Facebook page, posted my first business post on social media and got follower feedback immediately! My first post and it only took 60 minutes working with Melissa to breakthrough that fear. I had been sitting on that fear for over 3 months! Can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish in the months to come!

Angi Grant, Indiana

Before working with Melissa I was unclear about the fear I possessed concerning a certain situation in my life. After working with Melissa I was able to identify my fear factors in several areas. After I made a decision to change some things I was able to devise a plan with attainable steps to eradicate the fear and move forward into purpose. I would recommend this to anyone who knows something is off in their life and/or business yet cannot definitively pinpoint what the issue is and how to fix it. I had several life changing ah ha moments during our session. Those moments gave me the courage and confidence to dig up roots and plant new seeds. Those moments allowed me to give myself permission to pursue my dreams passionately. I eliminated every excuse I had manufactured in order to remain comfortable in my zone. After our session and my personal repositioning, I walked into several open doors that I never would have before!

Celeste Patrice, Arkansas

Melissa’s Money Mindset work with me was AMAZING! In just an hour she helped me breakthrough how my ‘practical’ spending habits were wrapped up in my self worth. I had never connected these dots before, but she was totally right!! She focused on a plan of action specific to me and how to create realistic but bigger money goals for myself. I left our time together with a new set of tools to overcome those thoughts of doubt that sneak in . . . allowing me to finally power forward in my life and in my business without my subconscious holding me back.

Erin Monaghan, Tennessee

Before working with Melissa, I was unsure about why I didn’t feel comfortable charging for my services, but it was stopping me from making any money. I was struggling with chasing non-ideal clients and over-giving. After working with Melissa, I learned that being of service to others doesn’t mean that I have to deny my desires, especially as they relate to my income goals. Melissa has the ability to help you find the answers you are searching for in a gentle but amazingly effective way. Since working with her, I have been able to push forward with finding my ideal clients and best of all paying clients!

Bianca Joseph, Washington DC

Melissa has such a calming presence. She really makes you feel comfortable with exploring difficult topics right from the very beginning. Melissa helped me get to a huge breakthrough that I hadn’t reached even after years of working on those same topics. As a result of that breakthrough, I got my first clarity call booked a couple days after our call! And now I’m building really cool connections and providing value to more people. I’m more comfortable putting myself out there than ever before, and I’m getting more and more people interested in me and my work!

Thank you so much for all your help, Melissa!!

Lauren Erickson

Melissa guided me to look deep in my soul and confront some deep subconscious blocks that were stalling me from moving forward in my business. I feel more free, more focused, and I’ve already gained more traction in my business! I’ve gotten more visible online, have gotten my first coaching call with a client, and have more confidence in my pricing. It seriously changed my whole outlook and allowed me to let go of my husband’s money story so that I can move forward and follow my dreams.

Angela Hatch, Utah

I really enjoyed having a Money Breakthrough coaching session with Melissa. She’s so warm and beautiful and this was so translated in the conversation that we had as she made me feel like I could really achieve my dreams! One of the things that I discovered is that being financially secure for me is a necessity and that it will lead to me having more freedom to fulfill my dreams of travelling around the world (courageously). I also realised that it is safe for me to think a little bit more before making a decision to spend my money and that I don’t have to always fear money going away quickly (i.e. money leaving my bank account). I recommend this session to all fabulous females as Melissa truly will help you to gain clarity and confidence.

Queen Chioma Nworgu, MA, London

I chose to work with Melissa on the 1/2 Day Breakthru Intensive because I knew I needed to get some clarity regarding the next steps to take in my career path, but wasn’t quite sure exactly what direction I needed to take, or where my strengths would be best channelled. I was excited about signing up because I was at the stage where I was really ready to make new decisions and move into a new direction. I enjoyed the process. I enjoyed how Melissa worked with me to draw out what was naturally in me and then we put it all together at the end and I was able to see what I needed to do. It was a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together (or how I would put one together!) in that the similar pieces were first grouped together and then the puzzle came together at the end. I felt clear at the end. I wasn’t overwhelmed or surprised by the results as I think they confirmed something that was already deep inside me anyway. I decided to study! I have made the decision to completely change paths.  I always knew i would probably need to re-train to be able to do that. I would definitely recommend spending time with Melissa. For me, she was great at being able to help bring out what was already inside and help make sense of it all which is something I never would have been able to do on my own.

Jenny Weigall, New Zealand

After my time with Melissa, I come away energised, excited and full of new ideas! She has a great way of coming up with suggestions that seem perfectly obvious once she’s said them, but that I couldn’t figure out by myself. She is also really good at picking up on issues that are under the surface and that I might not even be aware of. As an entrepreneur who specialises in helping women create a great relationship with their money, I really love how she focuses on the mindset side of money, as I know what a massive difference that makes. I would definitely recommend working with Melissa to achieve the ‘ooh la la’ life you’ve been dreaming of!

Jenni Syrjälä, Edinburgh

Thank you Melissa for what felt like a conversation with a friend. I later realised that you changed my life in our first 45 minutes, magically reading in between my words to reveal my inner blocks, ones I didn’t even know I had! You opened me up and spun me around until we came full circle. It was so quick I didn’t even know what happened and now I realise your gift to me was more valuable than I could have ever imagined.

You are unbelievably talented and destined to help people find and release their blocks.

Joanna Chrobak, London

Ever since I can remember I have attached money to approval. It’s something that has stuck with me as I have grown up and unfortunately something that has hindered me at certain stages of my career. Working with Melissa has enabled me to actually say this out loud for the very first time and was able to achieve this clarity in a relatively short space of time. 

Melissa took me on a journey of self-discovery, bringing to the surface a mindset that has played havoc with my success story. I’m so thankful to have worked with Melissa as she has opened the door to me moving forward, no longer allowing my childhood beliefs to stand in my way.  I have since gone on to set up tangible goals that feel right for me, the present me, not the me that is living in the past. I decided to create a new website and I’m meeting a potential client tonight!

Melissa has the ability to take you to a place you need to go mindset wise; that in turn will break those restrictive barriers allowing you to move forward. Her coaching style is powerful and transformative. She pushes you to step over your own inner hurdle, in a very calm and supportive manner. From our very first session I felt that I had known Melissa for years. This created an environment where positive change could happen.

Kelly Swaby, London

My 2-Day Intensive with Melissa turned out to be one of the defining moments of my life! Melissa is such a delight!  She is a great conversationalist, understanding the fine line of being a superb listener and asking or encouraging at precisely the right moment.  Melissa is extremely resourceful, professional without being stuffy and a great inspiration to me. What is particularly exciting to me is that Melissa trusts the Holy Spirit completely in the process and I never felt it was about getting through the program.  She has been instrumental in helping me get unstuck and seeing a new part of God’s vision for my life.

Bianca Steffen, Centurion, South Africa

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